Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mackie HR 824 MKII Studio Monitors

The high resolution HR824 mk2 Active Studio Reference Monitor sounds as smooth as it looks. The rounded contours of the Zero Edge Baffle minimize diffraction to give you a crystal clear image of your mix. The Optimized Waveguide delivers full, articulate mids, while the rear-firing, mass-loaded passive radiator ensures tight bass extension to 37Hz. Acoustic Space, low-frequency (LF) roll-off and high-frequency (HF) controls let you easily tailor the sound to suit your space and taste. And thanks to remarkably linear frequency response, these audio monitors ensure accurate mix translation. Combine all this with wide, even dispersion, and your studio's sweet spot becomes a full-on sweet zone.

Mackie HR824mk2 8.75" Active High-Resolution Studio Reference Monitor Features:
• High resolution active studio reference monitor
• Ultra-linear frequency response for accurate mix translation
• 8.75" high-precision, low-distortion LF transducer
• 1" titanium dome, ferro fluid-cooled tweeter
• Optimized Waveguide for wide, even sweet zone
• Twin FR Series amps 150W for LF / 100W for HF
• Cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle minimizes diffraction
• Full internal damping eliminates midrange artifacts
• Onboard passive radiator extends bass response to 35Hz
• Acoustic Space, LF roll-off, and HF controls
• Balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs
• OmniMount ready for easy wall/ceiling placement
• THX pm3 certified for surround sound applications
• Perfect for high-definition audio, cinema and gaming systems

The 824 Monitor Just Got Better!
The Mackie HR824mk2 active studio monitors manage to improve on the widely-used originals. New features, such as a solid aluminum Zero Edge baffle and optimized waveguide help to give the HR824mk2 even more accurate, natural sound reproduction. Designed with high-definition audio in mind, this monitor provides exeptional clarity for surround 5.1 and 7.1 applications, and an Acoustic Space Control function allows it to be adapted to any room and still provide maximum accuracy. Low-frequency roll-off and high-frequency shelf functions are also included on the HR824mk2.

Mackie HR824mk2 Active Monitor at a Glance:
• New baffle design
• Acoustic Space Control
• Ample wattage, time correction

New baffle design
The HR824mk2 features a Zero Edge baffle, which is constructed from a solid piece of aluminum. The new baffle design minimizes diffraction and helps provide a clear sonic image, as well as tight bass response. An optimized waveguide disperses sound evenly over a wide field, as well as providing robust mids. These improvements to frequency response and depth of field make the HR monitors sound better than ever.

Acoustic Space Control
An integrated Acoustic Space Control feature makes these monitors ideal for locations (such as video post suites and home/project studios) where available space is limited. This feature gives you full space, half-space, and quarter space settings, which adjusts the bass response when they're away from walls, against walls, or set up in corners. Low frequency roll-off and high frequency shelf functions are also switchable on the back panel.

Ample wattage, time correction
The HR824mk2's 8.75" low-frequency driver receives 150 watts from an onboard FR (Fast Recovery) amplifier. The waveguide-loaded aluminum dome tweeter is powered with 100 watts, and an active crossover helps to eliminate phase anomalies. These monitors also include time-correction circuitry, which allows the highs and lows to reach the listener at the same time.

Mackie HR824mk2 Features:
• 8.75" high-precision, low-distortion LF driver
• 1" titanium dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
• Optimized waveguide for wide, even tone
• Twin FR Series amps: 150W LF, 100W HF
• Cast aluminum Zero Edge baffle minimizes diffraction
• Internal damping eliminates midrange artifacts
• Passive radiator provides tight, articulate bass extension down to 45Hz
• Acoustic Space Control, LF roll-off, HF shelf controls
• Balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs
• OmniMount for easy wall or ceiling placement
• THX pm3 certified for surround applications

The Mackie HR824mk2 is an incredibly accurate active monitor that sounds great in any room!